Wednesday, June 06, 2007

June 14: More than Flag Day

Finally! I will be paying for and picking up my new RV a week from tomorrow on Thursday, June 14: Flag Day. Trying to coordinate the sale of my current RV, finding an available friend to drive me to pick up the new RV and then follow me back on the same day required more logistics than the Normandy Invasion. Timing is everything.

The day after I purchase the RV, I'm off and will provide pizza and soda/beer to anyone who will help me transfer stuff from present RV to new. My vision is one person inside the current RV (yours truly) handing stuff to someone standing outside the steps, telling him/her what room it belongs in, that person handing the stuff to another person in line who will eventually hand it to the person standing outside the steps of the new RV, who will then hand the stuff to the person in the new RV with the room destination. No one has to climb up and down stairs. Meanwhile, someone in the new RV is wiping down counters and shelves, and covering them with shelf paper--after repairing the outside wall inside the cabinet where the former resident mice had a buffet. Whew!

Nice fantasy but I think it will go more like this: I grab a bunch of stuff, step down, walk to the new RV, put the stuff down on the top step and hope there is someone in the new RV to pick up the stuff off the floor to put it somewhere else.

Whatever happens next week will be exciting. Someone will have a special RV to call their own and enjoy. I will have a new RV to travel the roads and write stories about this new phase in my life. By choice or by destiny: it will be an adventure.


  1. Last time we traded trailers, the dealer pulled them up side-by-side so that the doors lined up. They then placed a scaffolding plank inside both doors, and yours truly got to walk the plank while DW put things where she wanted them.

    Congrats on new RV, hope you're enjoying it now, and can find everything! :)

  2. Seemed pretty simple to alingn the doors and fold the step up on the new trailer. The transferred stuff can then be easily piled inside the door or handed to the inside crew member to be stowed. Much easier on the back than reaching over the step to place the stuff on the floor and so much easier than countless trips up and down the stairs.

  3. I sure wish I could have done that with the two rigs but the current one didn't start and wouldn't move.
    Today, I bought a new battery and my friend got her running. A few more repairs and she should be roadworthy. Once the new rig has tailpipes installed and has been smogged, I can start moving things over. Right now, the gas smell would permeate everything.

  4. Dan / Solitary ManJun 18, 2007, 4:44:00 PM

    Just a suggestion....... you might want to be in the new rig. You can put stuff where you want it and more importantly know where it is when you need it. It is pretty easy to clean out drawers and put in a box. Move sensative items before the "move" starts. Lastly you can search those cubby hole to see if anything was missed. :-)

    That plank/catwalk sounds like a good deal. I may have to try that one.