Saturday, August 04, 2007


One of the readers asked for a list of expenses. Here it is so far:

6/21/2007 Repairs $818.80
7/3/2007 Labor $555.00
7/3/2007 Gas Hoses/Tailpipes Installation $762.72
7/6/2007 Tune-up $316.81
7/9/2007 Brakes $1,879.27
7/18/2007 Alternator/Regulator $340.00

The first set of repairs and labor listed was for replacing the electric steps, installing a circuit board in the water heater, repairing the water connection to the shower and replacing the faucet, replacing the lighted shower vent with the Fantastic Fan, repairing the cut wires for the overhead cabinet lights, and replacing the porch light.

As you recall, the motorhome had missing tailpipes and the expenses for that are listed next, followed by a complete tune-up at the local gas station that services the vehicles in the RV park.

The brakes were expensive, true, and the shop owner worked with the budget I gave him to make the most of the repairs that needed to be done. The right front brake still needs some work to make it perfect.

The repair to the alternator was mostly labor: the parts were $40.

There you have it. Lucy is running fine and caused me no problems on the way home. I'm looking forward to my next trip!

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