Monday, December 03, 2007

Frugal RVing

Yes, that's part of the title of my book and it's also something I practice every day.

As I sat down with my spreadsheets this evening and once again looked at this year's travel expenses, I had to make a tough decision. By taking the position at Camping World, I will not be able to take time off in June or July (company policy). That means I won't be able to teach at the Life on Wheels conference in Moscow, Idaho, or attend Escapade in Gillette, Wyoming. Camping World's headquarters are in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and that Life on Wheels is scheduled in May, followed by LOW in Ankeny, Iowa, later that month. It would not be wise to drive thousands of miles to the first without attending the other on the return trip. That trip would involve three weeks off without pay and hundreds of gallons of gas.

I will still be teaching at LOW in Tucson in March but that will be the only trip for 2008. The good news is that my travel may increase in 2009. That will depend on how frugally I can RV.


  1. Oh drat! I was really looking forward to meeting you in Moscow, but being on a tight fixed income myself, I fully understand the decision.

  2. Seems to me CW should help buy to have you teach at those LOW events. What better adverisement than to have you there relating your positive experience. CW is not looking at the big picture. I'd let them know about this loss on their part.

  3. Aha, Anonymous! You just did! Now let's see if they are listening...