Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Getting ready for LOW

Yes, I know the Life on Wheels conference doesn't begin until March 18 in Tucson, but yours truly wants to be prepared. I found a couple of items at Camping World that will help with the "Saving Space and Weight in Your RV" class.
These collapsible bowls and colander are at Camping World. They take up much less space than the usual bowls and stack under my sink in the same amount of space that one of them uses.
I also found these and used them this afternoon. I filled the smaller container with rainbow spiral pasta, added boiling water to within an inch of the top, screwed on the lid and topped it with a snap-on cover. 10 minutes later, I used the handy sleeve to protect me from scalding, removed the cap, poured out the water, unscrewed the lid and added the pasta to the bowl. It was cooked perfectly. This is part of an experiment in RVing frugally: no wasting propane heating a large pot of boiling water, cooking the pasta, pouring it through a colander, draining it and then adding the pasta to a bowl

Then I experimented with a product everyone on the Camping World website was raving about. They were right. This is a low-flow handheld shower that feels like the one you have in your sticks and bricks. It's another way to conserve water without depriving yourself of a hot (non-Navy) shower.

So I saved space, ate well and had a refreshing shower. Not bad for my day off!


  1. Thanks for the info regarding the collapsable collander and bowl. Replacing what I have now should give me more room for my yarn stash!

    And I had wondered about the pasta cookers.

    Thank you again.

  2. This shower head is made by Oxygenics:


    This is the product page at Amazon; scroll to the reviews.


    These should be evaluated carefully (of course!) as one person's plus or minus points might be different from yours!

    Be sure to check carefully into the "Body Spa's" mounting bracket's compatibility with the existing shower set-up in your rig.