Saturday, April 05, 2008

Where oh where is the oil leak?

Last Wednesday, I took the RV to a local mechanic who is also an RVer. He's the same man who smogged the RV a couple of months ago. I told him about the oil leak and the report of leaking oil seals from the last place I had the oil changed.

After two men spent two hours on a creeper under and around the RV, neither of the men could find the leak. Losing six quarts of oil should have created a trail of black smoke and an oil slick. That didn't happen. The oil was just gone. They both scratched their heads and suggested a compression test. I made an appointment for Monday, and I hope the leak can be located and fixed. Although the engine runs fine for the miles (94K) and I didn't have any problems with it even in the southern California and Arizona heat, I don't want to lose any more oil. It would be great to listen to some road music on the terrific CD player I have too instead of listening to the engine.

The air conditioner shroud is remounted securely, the shower vent is reattached and the bathroom window valance is rehung thanks to Ed in the Camping World shop.

I decided to purchase a new generator door for two reasons: the RV is the only vehicle I have and I don't want to drive it to salvage yards while it has cardboard and duct tape holding the door frame. Also, the same thing may happen to the replacement door if I run into high winds again. The new door should arrive next week and one of the guys in the shop will mount it for me.

With those two problems repaired, the RV should be fine (knock wood).

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