Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dust bunnies are evil

The person who coined the term "dust bunnies" must not have owned a computer. Dust bunnies are not cute. They form under beds and other furniture in sticks 'n bricks homes, and in your computer wherever it's located.

I'm in northern California surrounded by the smoke from hundreds of fires. The RV park is in a small valley along the Russian River and less than a half mile from Highway 101. We have been squinting through the smoke and breathing air worse than the smog in Los Angeles (trust me: I lived in southern California and know how bad the air is). It's also warm so we need to leave our windows and vents open. That brings whatever the wind blows into our RVs.

Because it becomes extremely warm (90s and 100s on some days), I have a fan under my laptop to keep it cool. If it gets too hot, it will stop working (unlike humans who will stagger along until they drop from exhaustion). The fan was noisier than usual this morning so I decided to check it out. It was dusty, of course, but I couldn't believe the dust bunnies! I didn't have a can of compressed air so I took a small paintbrush and gently swabbed the coils through the vents. Then I used a hair dryer to blow out the loose dust. If gathered, the dust bunnies that escaped were the size of a golf ball. No wonder the fan was complaining.

So after you read this, check out your computer and be sure you're not harboring that criminal element known as dust bunnies.

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  1. I am from the SoCal area, and I remember the fires we had down here - it was not fun at all!

    So, I am going to be reading a lot of your articles, thank you for writing them. I have recently started working on a website for a client called and in my doing so I have started to learn a lot about RVing.

    Anyways, thanks again for taking all the time to write these blogs!