Monday, June 16, 2008

Warning: Some Like It Red Hot causes hot flashes of the most pleasant kind

Robin Merrill has a summer afternoon (or winter’s evening) read that’s a page turner as well as a work to savor. Her book is listed as a mystery but it’s cleverly woven through an ageless romance that honors and respects the older and wiser player.

Aimed at women RVers and with an audience of supporting Red Hat Society members (called Red Hots in the novel), every woman who has fought her way up the corporate ladder, loved someone and lost will recognize herself on the pages. Been there, done that; got the t-shirt and the scars. The scenes in Las Vegas casinos refreshed my memories of working as the sole female security officer in Reno and Sparks casinos.

As a solo woman RVer, I could also relate to driving the highways across America in a class A and handling the breakdowns. Our road music is similar. Lotsimina Hannon, the heroine, described in agonizing detail her first attempt riding a motorcycle and made me smile. Yep, me too, with my legs as outriggers so I wouldn’t fall. Meeting a drop-dead gorgeous man with his huge—RV—will keep you intrigued while your coffee cools and your senses warm.

There is murder, mayhem, assault, kidnapping, a car chase or two, lies, deception…and friendship and support as only RVers can offer.

Read it at the beach, in the mountains, in the desert, in your RV or your home. Just read Some Like It Red Hot. You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. My partner and I liked the novel so much, we added it to our product offerings on (under For Body & Soul). Ms. Merrill even signed our copies!!! A truly enjoyable read! Bonnie & Susan