Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Women RVers

This is my semi-annual call for a show of hands. Where are you, women RVers?

Did you know there is an organization that not only focuses on women RVers but has a forum, chat room and magazine devoted to you? When you join the national organization, you can also join a chapter in your area. There are local events every month and if you're new, you'll be adopted or mentored by an existing member. You won't be alone, you can ask all the questions you'd like, learn at your own pace and have a lot of fun while you're doing so.

Some of us are solo, some are full-timers (I belong to both chapters), and some of us are chapter members (I'm also part of the FreeWheelers chapter in northern California since I'm based here for a while). We have chapters around the U.S. and Canada.

If you're a woman RVer, don't wait another minute. Go to and find out about this great organization.

CD Rom: The Woman's Guide to Solo RVing
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  1. I'm told the southern california chapter is mostly for female "couples" or females looking to be a couple.

  2. I'm not sure who gave you that information but all the chapter members I've met (I belong to three) have never mentioned the couples aspect. There are singles and couples in every chapter, and as a 7-year member, I've met many members in both categories. Why not accompany them on one of their gatherings and see for yourself? You'll be welcome.

  3. I encourage all women to attend a RVW chapter outing. While there are couples in each chapter there are many single women who are definitely not looking for female partners. I personally know several wonderful widows who have belonged to the Southern California (SoCalJourners) Chapter for many years.
    Meg van Zyl, 15 year member of RVW

  4. I encourage all women to join a RVW Chapter outing.
    While there are female couples in all Chapters there are sinle women who are not looking for female partners and they are wilcome and included in all RVW activities.
    I personally know several widows and married women who are very active members of RVW and who belong to the Couthern California and Arizona Chapters.
    Please join us.
    Meg van Zyl, 15 year member RVW