Monday, October 19, 2009

It's that time again

Yes, once again, it's time to turn our clocks back one hour. This year, daylight savings time ends on Halloween night so not only will you be able to go trick-or-treating an hour longer, you won't be deprived of sleep.

Also, this is my semi-annual reminder that you should also change the batteries in your emergency radio (you do have one, don't you?), smoke detector, CO detector, propane detector, flashlights, lanterns, and clocks.

Take your fire extinguishers from their brackets, hold an end in each hand, and rock them gently to distribute the powder. Check the valve on each one to be sure it's in the green.

Exercise your generator under load for at least one hour.

Top off your propane tank.

Top off your fresh water tank.

Dump your black and gray water tanks.

Fill your gas tank if you have a motorized RV or your tow vehicle's tank.

When there is a weather emergency and you're relying on your RV during a storm and power outage, you'll be ready. You can transfer refrigerated and frozen food to your RV's refrigerator.

A little preparation will eliminate a lot of worry.

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