Monday, March 01, 2010

From RVing woman to RVing woman advisor

Yesterday, I turned over the keys to my motorhome's new owner. Lucy had been for sale on Craigslist for months, and a disabled vet who wanted and needed a class A for full-timing is now making her his own. Osteoarthritis in both knees made driving difficult and painful. Coupled with new meds that made me drowsy made even this die-hard RVer realize the danger in being on the road.

After 40 years of RVing, I have traded my three motorhome keys for three apartment keys in San Francisco near the Polk Gulch section of my favorite city in the US. I've been in small towns and big cities all over America, and every time I cross the Bay Bridge or Golden Gate, I see the Transamerica Pyramid, Coit Tower or Twin Peaks, I think "I'm HOME."

One thing I discovered is how much storage space the RV had. Whew! I have plastic storage bins, boxes and bags of stuff we pulled out of the motorhome and it's amazing how it fills the apartment.

I wrote a book on frugal RVing and since there are several on seeing San Francisco on a budget, there is no need for me to reinvent the wheel. However, if anyone is planning a visit to The City, please feel free to email me at and I will let you know how to see this beautiful place with your RV parked in a safe area for the day.

I've received supportive emails from many of my RVing women friends and their suggestions seem sound: become an advisor to new as well as existing women RVers. Men are of course included and welcome. Do you have any burning questions about RVing for which you would like to find answers? I'll post them here and everyone can learn or advise. I'm not the source of all wisdom by any means, but I'm willing to share what I know. What do you think?


  1. I think it's a kind and generous idea! Forty years of RVing knowledge would be a terrible thing to waste, and I'll be taking you up on your offer later. Thanks!

  2. My husband and I always joke how, for an RVer, 'retirement' is quite the opposite as for a regular person.

    WE imagine retiring as giving up the RV lifestyle and settling down into a stick home of some sort.

    You had an excellent adventure for 40 years. If I need any advice, I'll be honored to come and ask you for it!

  3. It's so very interesting that you have just settled in SF. I currently live there and in 5 months I will be leaving to become a fulltimer. I hope I will be able to take your spirit w/me to further your travels with new eyes. I'm a newbie and hopefully, I can somehow take some of your knowledge w/me too.
    I may ck back when I run into trouble and if you need info on SF, let me know.

    Later, Nancy

  4. Would it be possible to get two new knee replacements and just keep on going? Modern medicine can work miracles these days, you know?

  5. If signing up for the stem cell study (for injections to rebuild cartilage) or titanium would help, I would certainly do so. That's the public disability. There is also a private disability I don't discuss and I've been fighting it for 30+ years. So getting off the road is the best thing for my health now.

  6. speaking from a person that is 6 weeks post knee replacement surgery it's the "bees knees" !

  7. 40 years! You are a treasure of wealth to the RV community. :)

    Hope your health issues improve,