Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Safety tips for women RVing solo

Solo RVer Karen Ho Fatt (Courtesy of Karen Ho Fatt)
Longtime solo RVer and avid outdoors woman Karen Ho Fatt writes about safety considerations for women RVing alone in an article for the RV Home Yet blog.

 "Years of RVing," says Karen, "have helped me to understand the three basic areas of safety that I can prepare for."
  1. Travel ... planning ahead as much as possible for things like weather or traffic.
  2. Daily Activities ... whether hiking or sitting beside a campfire, accidents can happen.
  3. Other People ... "It seems like there’s always one camp neighbor who is a little too interested in everyone else or a couple of kids who wander through others’ campsites making relaxation and safety a tricky balancing act."
"Safety is what I’m really trying to accomplish, but emergency preparedness is certainly another way of looking at it," she says. So, to get the most out a camping trip, Karen reviews what she does to prepare for life on the road. Read the complete article on the RV Home Yet blog, by clicking here.

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