Monday, October 08, 2012

'Cooking in an RV Kitchen' with four experts

The Cooking Ladies love to BBQ.
What do RVers love more than camping? Eating of course.

 RVers relish eating around a campfire, crowded in a trailer on a rainy day, or tailgating at a football game.

Four RV cooking pros--The Cooking Ladies: Lamont Mackay and Phyllis Hines; Janet Groene; and Evanne Schmarder--were asked for their tips on cooking in an RV kitchen.

 “Food is entertainment,” says Lamont Mackay, co-author with Phyllis Hines, of ''The Cooking Ladies’ Recipes from the Road.' “Most of our RVing experiences are centered around food.”

Evanne Schmarder of the RV Cooking Show
“There are certain tricks that can help RVers have a pleasant RV kitchen experience,” says (left) Evanne Schmarder, host of the RV Cooking Show.

Schmarder adds that her “colander drains pasta, rinses beans, strains broth, and acts as a basket for fruit and veggie washing; but it is also a powdered sugar and flour sifter, as well as, a nifty device to remove too much salt from a bag of nuts.”

 'Cooking Aboard your RV' author Janet Groene
Janet Groene recommends shopping at local markets during your journey.

“We have traveled overseas in self-drive boats and RVs,” said Groene. “In both instances the travel experience was richer because I shopped in local food stores, learned local products and cuts of meat, and bonded with local women when I asked how to prepare durian or hogget or conch.”

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