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Michigan retired nurse Linda Taub loves her kitty, ease of extended-time RVing

Linda Taub with kitty "Maggie" (Julianne G. Crane)
Retired nurse solo RVer Linda Taub is sold on her new-found life on the road.

Always an independent type, after 41 years of nursing and a short stint with the Peace Corps in Africa, this Michigan lady wanted an active retirement.

"My parents did full-time RVing for 28 years and I saw the joy it brought them and knew I too would love that lifestyle," she said. Therefore, a short time after retiring in January 2012, she bought her 2002 26-foot Born Free class C motor home.

Because she was hitting the road alone, Linda's friends presented her with a 'blow-up man' for company.
"I dressed him in a flannel shirt and hat," she said, then "strapped him into the passenger seat and away we would go.  I always said he was a great travel companion because he just nodded 'yes' to whatever I said as we traveled around the state."

Linda's quilting supplies.
These days she travels with Maggie, her rescue kitty. "I love cats and she is a joy to travel with," said Linda. "She sits behind the driver's seat on a cushion and looks over my shoulder while I'm driving."

Maggie is leash trained with a harness and Linda loves taking her for walks. It "always invites a conversation with fellow campers, when we take a stroll," said Linda. "She is great company for me. We love each other dearly."

Another love of Linda's is quilting.  She has made room in her motor home for her sewing machine, folding work table and a variety of colorful materials.

Her future RVing plans include being on the road half the year and returning to her home state of Michigan for shorter jaunts with local chapters of Escapees and Good Sam.

Linda and Kitty inside rig.  (Julianne G. Crane)
Linda's suggestions to other solo women RVers:
- Try to always be aware of the surroundings whether in a campground, rest stop, grocery store, etc.
- Never walk away from your RV without locking the door first (Linda carries the key around her neck), even if it is just to visit with folks next door.
- Make sure your cell phone is charged, carry pepper spray and small flash light.
- Always trust your "gut feelings" and if something doesn't seem right, move on.

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