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Margo Armstrong is full-time RVer, author

Author Margo Armstrong

Margo Armstrong is one of those women who loves helping others.  She's been an entrepreneur all her adult life and now,  in her "senior years" (her words), she is sharing her experiences through her prolific writing online and her 16 eBooks.

A full-time RVer since 1995 and solo since 2010, Margo travels the West in her 1999 28-foot class A Safari Tek 2830. "Everywhere I go I am home."

Her background includes owning a technical writing company specializing in high-tech clients until 2003, then switching to manufacturing, selling and supporting portable satellite Internet systems for RVers through 2010.

When asked about a memorable woman she's met in her travels, she didn't hesitate: Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak.

Jaimie "was my role model when I started self-publishing," said Margo. "She is a successful award-winning author and publisher in the RV lifestyle field. We met when Jaimie and her husband purchased a portable satellite system from my company and they attended one of my training rallies. We kept in touch over the years and when I started to enter the publishing field after my official retirement, I attended one of her workshops. She was very supportive and helped to give me the confidence needed."

Margo's most popular book is:  For Women Only – Traveling Solo In Your RV, The Adventure of a Lifetime

"This book just wrote itself when I started solo RVing," recalled Margo. "It examines the RV lifestyle from a woman's point of view. There are a few things about RVing that traditionally are handled by the male partner, such as the water and dump tanks. Women need to know the basic routine and why it is important."

Others topics covered include how to decide on the size and type of RV, managing the electrical system, keeping a trip diary, and earning an income on the road.

"I could have written a 1,000 pages on the subject but kept it brief as an easy reference," she said. "For example, I include plenty of photos so women can see what a 50 amp plug looks like versus a 30 amp. These are the kind of things that women are not normally exposed to while traveling."

After writing five more books about the RV lifestyle, Margo switched topics. "I decided to devote two volumes of work to women in the leadership role," she said.

– Answering the Call - Women in Action: Vol 1 Women in the World  gives a short bio and photograph of all the women currently serving at that time as heads-of-state in the world.

"We rarely hear about these women from our news media," observed Margo, "so it should come as a surprise to most readers that there are so many woman already running entire countries."

 Answering the Call - Women in Action: Vol 2 Women in America exposes the women in action here in the USA with a short bio and photograph. "Unfortunately the list is short, but there is hope for the future," said Margo.

– For Women Only – Traveling Solo In Your RV, The Adventure of a Lifetime
How To Save Money While Enjoying The RV Lifestyle
– The RV Lifestyle – A Dream Come True
– Selling Online – Supporting the Traveling Lifestyle
– Staying In Touch, A Traveler’s Guide
– Working On The Road – For Professionals and Just Fun-Loving Folks

– Welcome to Las Vegas – The Essential Guide

– Answering the Call – Women in Action, Vol 1: Leaders in the World
– Answering the Call – Women in Action, Vol 2: Leaders in America
- About Men – Myths Revealed, How to Love, Live, and Work With Them

– Writing & Publishing eBooks – One Person’s Journey

– Get Amazing Photos From Your Point & Shoot Camera
– Buying and Selling Gold and Silver – A Primer for the Beginning Investor
– Selling Your Home – How the Real Estate Market Works
– Do Your Own Probate – Summary Administration for Small Estates

– What Determines Our Destiny

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  1. As someone "dreaming" about the lifestyle- the recent posts are not doing much to make this sound like a good idea. I just attended the recent Workamper rendezvous- and not a word was said about poor quality of rvs or lack of campgrounds.... so I am left wondering who is telling the truth. And why would I want to buy your books when you're basically telling us don't do this!