Sunday, November 17, 2013

Two books by Irene Rawlings feature Women RVers 'Sisters on the Fly'

RVer and author Irene Rawlings has written two books featuring that fun-loving group of vintage trailer owners: Sisters on the Fly.

The first was the light-hearted book, "Sisters on the Fly: Caravans, Campfires, and Tales from the Road" ($14.99) published in May 2010. In the book the Sisters share tales of the road and their cool vintage rigs because "they know that once you see all the fun they're having fly-fishing, riding horses, camping, eating, laughing, and loving, you just might want to join their cowgirl caravan when it heads out for the next adventure."

The second book starring this road-warrior band of Sisters  was published earlier this year: "Cast-Iron Cooking with Sisters on the Fly" ($14.55).

The cookbook highlights heirloom and contemporary recipes "that are simple to shop for and prepare on the road, for the backyard grill, or in the kitchen, using cast iron cookware." It also includes engaging stories and action photos of the Sisters in their homes and "out on the range in their trailer caravans."

Author Rawlings also hosts a syndicated radio show. Her other books include "Portable Houses" and "The Clothesline." Read more about Rawlings by clicking here. 

 Learn more about the Sisters by clicking on:  "Fun-loving Sisters on the Fly" 

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