Thursday, July 09, 2015

Good place to store earrings in your RV

Earrings are small and easily misplaced. Most RVers bring along a basic selection on their trips. Here's an easy, handy way to store them that will keep them all in one place and easily accessible when it's time to put on a new pair.


  1. I went a step further and bought a flat box with 31 compartments from a craft store for my earrings. It has a lid. I open the lid and see all 31 compartments. The box is meant for storing beads, etc. for people who use beads in their crafts. I use it for storing earrings at home as well and just take the whole box when we leave. It's great for extended camping trips, like wintering down south.

  2. Astrid has a good idea. The Bead Dept. at Michael's or any craft store has a large variety of storage containers for small items. The sizes vary, too, to accommodate most anything that is small.

  3. My wife uses small boxes found in fishing tackle section of stores. They come in sizes as small as 3X5 and about 2 inches high. They r double sided and hold rings, earrings, chains, etc just fine, and a slightly larger ones hold bracelets.