Tuesday, December 05, 2006


There are thousands of RVing women, most of them traveling with a spouse or partner. They're usually co-pilots or navigators, standing behind the RV and signaling the driver who backs it into the site. Sometimes they have a walkie-talkie, but most of the time hand signals are used. No one knows how many of us are solo or full-timing alone without a co-pilot or navigator. When we make a mistake like taking a wrong turn, there is no one around to tease us. When we have a successful day, there is no one around to share it. When I meet someone around a campground or RV park, here are their questions: Am I ever lonely? Nope. I can always find other people if I have the need for company. My life is balanced: half of it is workamping in customer service at an RV park, taking care of RVers; the rest of my time is spent writing, editing and administering forums, a solitary activity. Am I ever afraid?Nope. I try to travel a little differently from most other RVers: leave early in the morning and stop early in the afternoon. I don't have to look for a place to park in a strange place after dark. I have protection with me at all times. What if I get sick? If I feel I'm too sick to drive, I pull over and find a hospital or clinic. I also have a Vial of Life (http://www.vialoflife.com) in my refrigerator for rescue workers in case I'm incapacitated and need help. Do I ever boondock?Not if I can help it. There are too many wonderful places to see in our national, state, regional, county and city parks. There are also BLM areas, COE sites, NFS sites and many other scenic places. Why would I spend the night in a parking lot? Don't you feel crowded in there? No. Wendy is just the right size and I've done some remodeling to make the best use of the space I have. Here is my RV and where we first practiced together at the Berkeley Marina (early on Sunday morning) so the FreeWheelers, my chapter of the RVing Women, wouldn't make fun of us when we backed into a site for the first time. The other picture is after the first remodel.
That's enough about me. I hope to be able to share ideas, information and suggestions for a successful RVing experience. So my first suggestion is if you are a solo woman RVer, join RVing Women http://www.rvingwomen.com. You'll have a local chapter and meet some amazing women.
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  1. Just a quick note re boondocking. Boondocking is camping without hookups (water/electricity)in National Forest campgrounds, State Parks, BLM land, many other choices and yes, parking lots - but not just parking lots.

  2. Go Girl, It is nice to be encouraged that we can have the fun of RVing and still be solo. The blog is helpful. Thanks it is a good addition to this online magazine.

  3. I joined RVWomen before I purchased my motorhome. My first year has been spent on short outings with them. I am single and 70 years old this next March and plan to be mostly fulltime in the motorhome this next year. I find the support of these women invaluable in being able to accomplish this goal. My current concern is towing my car and how to handle the whole rig. Motorhome is class A 34 ft. tow car is Mercury Tracer which will have to be on a dolly.

  4. Hi, Looks like this will be a interesting site to come back to. I pulle my first 5th wheel up the Alcan in 1978 with 3 of my kids and a dog. Sold that to pu in a septic system. 2nd 5er just got used to stay at job sites. Then I retired and the fun began. Bought a 29' 5er and 3/4ton dodge and headed up the Alcan fron Az in March 02. Have made 4 ore trips over the Alcan since. 1st trip From Wasilla, AK to WA, CA, Ok, FL and then back to AK 18,000 miles. This winter just came to WA as fuel was ouch$$ and set up in RV park Would love to meet some other solo women to go off to ??? sometimes

  5. Winnie

    Look up WWW.CascadiaRVWomen and get in touch with the Washington Chapter. They are great. They have outings each month.

    BTW what RV park are you in in Wash? I think I will be back there from Colo. this summer.