Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Liz: RV Travel Forum--RVing Woman

I am a happily married (just celebrated 10 years) woman who loves travel and is extremely outgoing. (My DH says he cannot turn his back without finding me talking to a stranger).
We were full-timing (my preference) but due to property/renter issues, we are wintering in our house on the Space Coast of Florida. Spring will find us on the road again. I insist on our spending at least one night each week in the bus which I consider my real home.

How we became RVers is a little more of a story so please bear with me (did I mention I like to talk???).

We were both working in the space program and happily riding our Harleys to work and all over the state, camping both coasts as well as the Keys. Then we were sideswiped by a car. The ensuing physical changes (DH lost a leg below the knee, has pins and plates in his wrists and in his pelvis) required our letting go of that form of travel. We began thinking of ways we could continue to camp. The next thing was that we found, again due to the motorcycle accident, my wonderful engineer husband had lost a large part of his ability to work with numbers. Not conducive to engineering. He had to take an early retirement. We decided to grab the time we have left to get on with what we wanted to do rather than what the rest of our family and friends thought we should do; re: our desire is to camp and to travel. His physical limitations prohibit the tent camping we were used to. The best choice was to purchase a motorhome.

Another segment of our desire to travel is that we are both recovered alcoholics who are very actively involved with AA. We want to visit as many meetings across the country as possible. We have started a map on his laptop marking each meeting we attend with the address and contact info. We can share that with members from our home group in Florida as well as with other travelers. I don't know if you want to include this info but I don't mind sharing it. The stigma of addiction prevents too many from seeking help.

And here are a couple of photos.

Now, don't you wish you had not posted the request for info?


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  1. Good for you - you have found a way to be happy. Stay with your dream!