Monday, February 19, 2007

From My Window

Finding balance in your life is especially important for women RVers. Time needs to be created for family, work, health, activities, and for yourself personally. If you feel yourself becoming stressed and can't get away, find an inner place that calms you.
At the end of the day after a very busy Presidents Day weekend, I relaxed with a cup of tea and this view from my RV's window. You're more than welcome to share it with me.

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  1. I just LOVE the idea of your view *From My Window* posts.

    When we travel (we are not fulltimers yet) I try to take photos from the front window of the motorhome from wherever we are parked and send them back to family and friends. I label the emails *The View From Our Windshield Today*

    On our last trip, one picture was of a frozen over windshield - frozen on the inside- from parking overnight in 4 degree weather in Illinois.

    Then the next photo was an early morning photo of a dozen deer frolicking in a park in Kentucky.

    After that was a photo of the turquoise waters and sunny skies of the Gulf of Mexico in Alabama.

    From there it was a photo of my folks yard in Florida, with her smiling face looking at us.

    For my family and friends who are not travelling, they like a day-brightening photo from our windshield view.

    Karen and Steve, Northwoods of Wisconsin