Friday, February 16, 2007

Tire Dates

Do you know how old your tires are? Just because they look all right and have plenty of tread doesn't mean they're safe. RV tires are especially vulnerable to damage due to age and the weight they bear.

Check out this website:
Then check your tires.

Next time you're in a auto supply store, pick up a tire gauge for your tires. Mine hold 65 pounds and the tire gauge I had was for my toad. I couldn't get a true reading.

Make this a priority before your next road trip.


  1. You did not mention tire covers! This is one of the main things a RV owner can do to insure longer life of his tires. Sun damages tires and causes dry rot. Cover them when not in use.

  2. Not only cover the tires but before storing your rig, buy some plastic cutting boards from the .99 store and place them in front or the back of the tires then park the rig on top of the cutting boards. This will help keeping moisture away to prolong the tire life. Also if the rig is stored for a long period of time, you should move the rig a couple of feet so that the weight on the tire sidewalls is changed to another area of the tires. MJ, San Diego