Tuesday, April 03, 2007

An emergency radio can save the day

I can highly recommend the Freeplay Emergency Radio from C. Crane for everyone, especially solo women RVers. It will give you information through AM/FM radio, NOAA channels, and TV channel sound; it will charge your cell phone, give you an emergency light and works on rechargeable battery, 12 volt, AC/DC or wind-up. This one pictured and several others are available at http://www.ccrane.com.


  1. My greatest fear as an RVer crossing the country from east to west is the weather. I have yet to travel via my RV out of the Northeast. I am familiar with this area and possible weather disasters. I had hoped to travel west last spring. Although I was not able to leave home. The tornadoes, hail storms, fires, severe wind and dust storms makes it a scary proposition. Am I watching too much Weather Channel? I know people live there and survive these weather systems. What do RVer do in a weather alert? LindaD

  2. My radio has the NOAA alerts that will sound when there is a warning in the area. I've learned to carry maps that show the counties in the state where I'm traveling. Maybe I've been lucky but I've seen one tornado from a distance and have never been threatened by any other weather-based danger. If I'm in tornado country, I don't travel if there is a warning in the area. If there is a watch, I travel slowly and carefully, looking for a place to leave the road just in case.

    I too watch the Weather Channel, and avoid fires and high winds. The winds would prevent me from being on the road in any case.

    If there is an alert, I get off the road and go to the safest place I can.