Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Something old, something new...

As I was drinking my first cup of coffee this morning, I looked out the window of my old RV through the sheets of rain streaming down the glass. At my right is my new laptop (three weeks old) and I was pondering the contrast between the two.

Wendy, my motorhome, is what the sailors call "yar." She's warm and dry inside, and if she could float, she would be seaworthy.

The RVs you see in the picture are all rentals and the RVers are from Germany. They went to Alcatraz for a tour this morning in the rain and will return to a windy but sunny afternoon. The men (husbands) do the driving, but the women (wives and mothers--they have children in each RV) direct them into the site, and help with connecting hoses and cables.

When they leave the park, however, the women will drive to the dump station and the men will assist with the procedure. Everything is done with efficiency and good humor.

I spoke about the "fear factor" in a previous blog and I wonder how I would handle going to a different continent where I don't speak the language well, renting an RV, driving on strange roads, and relying on strangers to give me advice about the best places to see and things to do in the area. I think I would do well and the excitement might help me cope with any fear or hesitation.

If you have visited another country and rented an RV, what was your experience like?

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