Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Experience is a teacher...

...but here's what makes me burn:
She's always teaching me the things
I do not care to learn."

Day 1: So I picked up my friend and co-author Andrea on Monday at 3 in San Francisco on a level street in an industrial area, perfect for getting on and off the freeway in an RV. We were supposed to arrive in Redmond, Oregon on Tuesday between 7 and noon, and it was a 10.5 hour trip. No problem. We drove north and stopped in Williams at 6 for gas. So far, so good.

When I tried to start the engine, it wouldn't turn over. A co-worker who had an '84 Southwind told me if I had that problem with a hot engine, I should wait about 15 minutes and try again. I did and it still wouldn't start. I asked a man in the next lane for a jump and he whined, "But I just bought my Jeep!" I was trying to figure out the logic of his statement while I called my insurance company. They were trying to find someone to give me a jump when an older truck with a very nice man named Fred pulled into the next lane for gas. After he pumped the gas, he lifted his hood and was checking his oil. Andrea asked if he could give us a jump and he pulled out long, thick jumper cables which worked great to get us started. He said not to use the $6 jumper cables. We thanked him and continued our journey north.

We arrived in Redding around 8:30 and found Costco. Andrea is a member and she went inside to ask the manager about staying in the lot since we were having engine problems. He claimed not to know anything about us staying there, an approval of sorts. Andrea purchased some food, we ate and slept in the lot with no problems.

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