Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gifts from Atwood

While I was working at The Rally, I looked for a mobile RV repair person since my water heater had stopped working. It had been repaired and worked for a few days, only to stop just before I left for Redmond. Since I had been blessed with full hookups, I wanted to take a shower inside the RV.

I couldn't find an RV repair person but someone from Camping World told me the Atwood people were sitting outside at a table under a tent. They weren't selling anything. Instead, a gentleman listened to my problem, took my name and site number, and said he would send someone to look at the water heater.

The next day, two tech specialists from Atwood Mobile Products in Elkhart, Indiana, Will Troyer and Mike Williams, showed up and immediately assessed the problem. They pronounced my water heater "a dinosaur." The new circuit board I had installed ("It probably cost you quite a bit to have this done, didn't it?) was not the proper one for an outside installation due to exposure. Will told me to return the board for a refund. The water heater had leaked in the past and was successfully repaired. They pronounced it safe to use. Mike removed the circuit board and the rubber pad under it, which also removed yet another loose wire. Then he installed a brand-new circuit board just like one used in a new water heater. He replaced the fuse, showed me how it was connected and gave me a spare. When he plugged in the fuse and I pushed the button, the electronic ignition worked flawlessly. Then he told me when I returned home to remove the old drain plug, empty the tank and run water through it to rinse out any sediment. He gave me two new extra drain plugs and recommended some plumbing tape for a secure seal.

It was a hot day (90 degrees, I believe) and I gave them ice water. They drank, thanked me and drove to their next customer.

The cost? Free. Their repair? Priceless.


  1. Jason Angel here...Whew..I am exhausted just reading about your drive from the Bay Area to Redmond! Glad you made it safely. Keep updating your blog. I am living the full-timer life through your blog (although I must admit, not the last week :).

  2. Amazing. I've heard of RV manufacturer sponsored events that have service personnel present, but I'm really glad to hear of others as well. That was truely priceless.