Thursday, September 06, 2007

Roseburg to Silverton, Oregon

If you've ever driven north on I-5 through Oregon and passed Salem, you would have passed the turnoff for Silverton. When I turned off the freeway in Salem, I passed a large shopping area several blocks long with just about every store and bank imaginable. There is a Wal-Mart too, with a small lot. However, Lucy would not fit in the parking lots so I kept driving to the RV park.

The Silver Spur RV Park was literally built from the fields surrounding it: And if you have Happy Camper or Passport America, it's half price. The spaces are long, wide, have 30- and 50-amp connections, cable TV and free wi-fi. There are tent sites as well. The young couple who manage it are doing it right and I recommend stopping here if you want a quiet respite from the road.

The local farms have produce for sale like tomatoes, corn, squash and fruit. It's a vegetarian's idea of heaven. Three blocks away is the Oregon Garden.

I'll be here enjoying the area for five days.


  1. I question if these folks are ( doing it right ) by offering discounts to some RV'ers and not to those who pay cash and don't belong to some club etc. I don't stay at parks that have discounts to some and not to others. Charge what you need to make a profit and be fair to all customers.

  2. Most RV parks have discounts and all are not related to RVing. For example, the park where I worked gave a 10% discount for Good Sam, AAA, AARP, and active duty military; 15% for Escapees. However, the park did not honor Passport America nor Happy Camper. I haven't been to a park yet that gave a discount for cash, although they did offer special monthly or seasonal rates.