Thursday, October 11, 2007

RVing Women National Convention

Wow! If you're a woman RVer and you've never been to the national convention (this is my first), you'll be energized and delighted. The women I've met from all around the country are amazing: the 83 year-old woman who kept on RVing after her husband died; the new RVers who were helped by the parking crew and their neighbors to back into their site for the first time; the chapter representatives from the newest group in Texas, the Rambling Roses; the board members who managed to appear everywhere; the luncheon for the first-timers like me who was surprised to find printed copies of two of my articles from the Women RVers section of this website added to each welcome basket.

We were warmly welcomed by the executive director of the Lodi Convention and Visitors Bureau, and invited to participate in everything from wine tasting in any of the 70 local wineries to shopping at the farmers market to birdwatching, especially the sandhill cranes.

There were at least 50 women who attended my seminar on Basic Self-Protection and the entire seminar was filmed. Tomorrow, I will present a seminar on Saving Space and Weight in Your RV, a subsection of my eBook Frugal RVing or Pinching Pennies without Getting Bruised and Other Advice from the Road. I expect the attendance to be even greater. When I presented the topic at the Good Sam Rally in July, there were over 200 and I ran out of handouts. The subject is very important to all RVers.

Next year's national convention will be in Charleston, SC from September 24-28. I encourage all women to join their local chapter for outings and fun activities, and to attend the national convention next year.


  1. Glad you had such a good time, I did too! Thanks for posting so more women know how wonderful the RVing Women organization is!

  2. It would help if the name of the organization was listed as well as how to contact them.

  3. I'm sorry. The name of the organization is RVing Women. The website is

    The address is
    PO Box 1940
    Apache Junction, AZ 85712-1940
    (888) 557-8464

  4. Would like to know more about this topic. Have been a motor homer for 30 years and am interested in this event

  5. Next year's convention will be in Charleston, SC September 22-29. More information can be found at the RVing Women website: