Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just a reminder

Yes, it's that dreaded time of year: fall cleaning. If you are not a full-time RVer, you're probably going to park or store your RV. Before you do, whether you winterize or not, remove any food or liquid products from the RV. That means all your bathroom toiletries as well. A cold climate does not help anything stored in aerosol cans. Be especially careful with noting the expiration dates on your food. Try to use what you have expiring first. Mix it in with the food in your home pantry.

I found out that a couple of my prepared meals I had (as in just add hot water) were expired and I needed to use them. Fortunately, the date is listed as a "best by," not "use by."

While you're cleaning, it's an excellent time to set up that crockpot and make some stew or soup to have for dinner when you're done and freeze the remainder.

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