Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lifelong learning

I've been in training here at Camping World as well as learning on the fly. One day found crewmembers from Rocklin and San Martin joining us for classes from representatives of Honda generators, Pull-Rite fifth wheel hitches, Super Springs and Internet in Motion.

The learning curve when you're a bit (OK, a lot) older than your fellow crewmembers is a little rough. Someone will come to the counter with a part and ask, "Do you have anything to replace this?" I look at it and start my investigation there. My first question is, "What does it belong to?" Most of the time, the customer will just tell me. Many times, the person will sigh, roll their eyes and wonder how I manage to stand there behind the counter and not understand why the piece of plastic with the curly burnt wire attached is not instantly recognizable as the left-handed thingamajig from a 20 year-old furnace that isn't manufactured any more.

I'm also learning that many RVers have overloaded their rigs, are towing with inadequately powered vehicles, or think that purchasing new shocks or a sway bar will magically fix ride problems. But that's why I'm working here and learning about how to help.

On Tuesday, I will be in Roadmaster training with a few other crewmembers. The more I learn, the better I'll be able to help the RVers.

The only down side is that I will only be able to teach at the Tucson Life on Wheels conference in March. No one is permitted to take time off in June or July, so my travel plans are limited next year. But that's all right. I'm learning something every day and that is very important.


  1. I have to comment you on your courage. I was way over the big 50 when I worked as a manager in PC and ISP technical support. Off course my boss was 19 and most of my agents were under the age of 25. In order to perform my job I asked a thousand questions a day and I firmly believe that most of them thought they were stupid questions. But that's how you learn and the stupidest thing is not to ask any questions. If the customer's act like you say they do, it is not about you not knowing, it is about them being ignorant to a woman. I don't think they would treat a guy like that.

    You go girl, more power to you.

  2. I really appreciate going into some place for parts and talking to someone who has taken the time to become knowledgable about their procucts, I also really hate when I go into some place and find some ignoramous that has an attitude that they don't want to be bothered. Training is the key to a great relationship with the consumer, keep up the good work.

  3. Adrienne, I had hoped to attend your class at the July LoW in Idaho this year (2007) and was sorry to hear you couldn't make it due to mechanical problems with your RV. My wife and I will be attending the same venue again in 2008 and were looking forward to meeting you there. Maybe we can make it to the AZ location in Marchh 2009.

  4. Unfortunately, next year I will only be at LOW in Tucson. Camping World does not permit its employees to take time off in June or July. I'm not even traveling locally to weekend camping with the FreeWheelers, my RVing Women local chapter.

    Perhaps I'll be able to afford to travel in 2009. Until then, I'll be working and learning as much as I can.