Saturday, December 15, 2007

I've been converted...

...or rather, Lucy has. The new 60-amp converter was installed today and the 12 volt system is slowly recovering while I'm plugged into a 30-amp outlet. The steps don't work yet but the monitor panel lights, the water pump works and the refrigerator stopped defrosting. The light inside the fridge isn't working yet; I'll check tomorrow.

I lost the small cabinet near the entry steps since the new converter is larger than the 22 year-old converter that went to the scrap heap. I found a new home for the laundry supplies and spare propane tanks that formerly occupied the space.

My fingers are crossed that the next item I buy for Lucy isn't a "need" but a "want" like window shades, captain's chairs (at least one for the driver), or the front windshield curtain. First, however, I'm going to enjoy having power again.


  1. Glad to hear you've got power. Having experienced a similar issue I completely understand!

    Got a question...the cabinet you're talking about, was it an inside or outside compartment? The reason I ask is that I've been told to never store propane in an enclosed area. Thanks!

  2. It's an inside compartment to the left of the entry door and under the refrigerator. Nothing is in it now except the furnace duct and the converter.

  3. .... My husband and I have a curtain from this place for our Class C. We love it and do not have to go out in the elements to put it up and very private. Thought you might be interested. Diane

  4. Thank you for the website. The curtains I have will do for now but will eventually need to be replaced.