Friday, February 01, 2008

FreeWheelers and a soggy weekend

For the first time in many months, I'm camping with the FreeWheelers, the northern CA/western NV chapter of the RVing Women. We're at Delta Shores in Isleton, CA on the Sacramento Delta. Most of us arrived on Friday and were very grateful we could hook up without the rain pouring down our necks. It rained yesterday and is supposed to rain tomorrow with clearing on Sunday.

One of our members with a rather large Alfa attempted to back onto a site with gravel on it. Not a good idea. She ended up stuck and a truck had to pull her out of the site. She's on the other side of the park and in a much better area.

Last month during our big storm, the FreeWheelers were in Tracy boondocking at the wildlife preserve. They have "Storm Survivor January 2008" tags hooked to their name badges. They certainly earned them.

The chili cookoff was a tasty success. I didn't win but a vegetarian version tied with the more traditional recipe and everyone enjoyed the entries.

I have sent a message to the weather goddess. Now that I am hooked up, level, dry and warm, and don't have too much mud on my shoes, I would like the early morning on Sunday to be dry when I pack to go. All the leveling blocks, hoses and cable need to be stacked and packed in their respective compartments. Then I'll drive the 30 miles back to Fairfield so I can go to work.

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