Monday, February 11, 2008

Winter R&R

While I wait for my trip to Tucson next month to teach at Life on Wheels (including maps, directions, stops along the way, visits with relatives and friends already scheduled), I realized I was suffering from hitch itch. Chuck Woodbury did not help by posting in his blog about his trip.

Usually during the winter months, I rest, relax, and take care of Lucy's needs. I also dream about places I'd like to go or go again. Today, I was looking at the National Park website and checked out Glacier National Park in Montana. I remember my first trip there and how exciting it was when Going-to-the-Sun Road opened.
I was driving across Montana on my way from a visit to Yellowstone when the rangers told me the road was open. The Oklahoma Sooners had nothing on us as we made a beeline (or as much of a beeline as we could) for Montana.

I arrived and joined a queue of cars and RVs headed up the mountains, trying to decide if I should just aim the camera out the window with my left hand while steering with my right. I didn't take any pictures; I was too mesmerized by the view--one eye on the road and the other on the scenery--and breathing the crisp, clean air.

Going-to-the-Sun Road is an experience you should add to your travel plans. After you have seen Glacier National Park, head north to Waterton Glacier-International Peace Park across the Canadian border in Alberta. In 1932, Waterton-Lakes National Park was joined with Montana's Glacier National Park to form the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park - a world first. Our Canadian neighbors continue the tradition of spectacular scenery and welcoming friendship across the border. There is a link to the Parks Canada website from the Glacier National Park site.

There are other parks I could visit first, many others to visit now, but I will always remember the day the road opened.


  1. I agree that Glacier NP is a beautiful place! The park's website ( offers a great deal of information about planning all aspects of a visit, including Going to the Sun Road. This is the main page for road info:

    Many RVers are disappointed to find that there are size restrictions that prevent them from driving their RV over GTTS road; the vehicle size limit is 21' long and 8' wide. Plan ahead for one of the driving options and have a great trip!

  2. I visited Glacier National Park a few years ago. In a car. I'm interested in renting an RV, though, for some future road trips of mine. I'll be driving the Arizona back roads as I begin research for a travel guide I'm writing for Countryman Press. It'll be out in 2009, and I think a good portion of my readers will be RVers. If you have any suggestions for first-timers in the RV, I'd love to hear them.