Sunday, April 13, 2008

Where oh where is the oil leak? Uh--

After two hours under and around the RV, running the compression test and finding everything well within limits. the oil leak location is still a mystery.

The generator door arrived and looked nothing like what I ordered. It had rounded corners and was attached to a frame. It wasn't even close to the picture. The guys in the shop muttered something about round pegs in square holes and couldn't fit it in the space.

So I sent an email with my complaint, left my work number, spoke with the manager on Thursday, and they are shipping another door with a return label which should arrive Monday or Tuesday. The incorrect door will be shipped back to them in the same box and I can only hope that this one is what I originally ordered. I can't travel very far or very fast without shredding the cardboard insert and peeling off the duct tape.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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