Monday, April 28, 2008

A door and more

After a very busy week in the shop, my generator door was finally installed. Now it looks better than the rest of the RV! Since the surface looks like a white board, I was thinking of creating my own graffiti with eraseable markers. It was tempting until I realized someone might tag it with something permanent.

I was checking the Life on Wheels website to see the class schedule and realized I had been removed from the instructors page. It was a bit disconcerting when I didn't find the listing. It was as if I had never existed. Ah well. It's a great program and I still recommend it, especially for new RVers.

On Thursday, I will be a guest at the Thousand Trails preserve at the Russian River about 90 miles away. I never thought I would miss trees, birds, deer and other animals as much as I do. There is wi-fi and cable TV as well as a clubhouse with other amenities.

I've thought about joining Thousand Trails for several years. As much as I enjoy traveling and seeing new places, I also like returning to the familiar favorites. I hope the Russian River locale will be one of the favorites.

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