Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun at the gas pump

I was driving through Antioch on my way to the Antioch Bridge and highway to the state park. It was Sunday morning about 11:30, the sun was out and it was 76 degrees. The gas station where I was going to fill up had a double trailer tanker truck parked on the outside corner away from the pumps. I drove in and turned around one of the fuel islands so I could line up my fill cap with the pump.

Too late. A couple of guys in a sports car swung around the other side and parked at the middle pump. I waited for a bit as the other pumps were occupied. My other choice was to squeeze between the tanker and the pump island to get to the other side.

More cars came in and took positions at the pumps. Many parked their cars and went into the store. Others opened their hoods, checked their oil, etc.

I decided to chance it. I backed up the RV a few feet, drove between the tanker and the island and came around the other side. The car at the middle pump drove away and I pulled up to the pump on the end. Not only was this the lowest price I'd paid for gas in months, I was able to fill the tank for under $100. I never thought I'd be grateful for that.

There was a car directly in front of me and another at the pump on the left. A man was standing at the open driver's door and seemed to be waiting for someone to come out of the store after paying for gas. I might have been able to swing around the car in front but I wasn't sure I would fit between the two cars.

I rolled down the window and with my best smile said to the waiting man, "Excuse me. Would you pull forward a couple of feet so I can get out, please?"

To my surprise, he glared at me, gave an exaggerated sigh, rolled his eyes, put his hands on the roof of his car and turned away.

OK. My turn to sigh. I checked both mirrors, looked at the driveway about 50 feet behind me, didn't see any approaching cars, and shifted into reverse. Back, back until I cleared the last pump. Then I turned left and was going to leave by the driveway when a car came in at about 20 mph, skidding to the pump in front of me.

Another sigh. I pulled forward and glanced to the left again, and then right. The tanker driver was talking to the man who wouldn't move. Hmm. I kept going forward and turned right between the tanker and the pump island. The tanker driver walked in front of me towards the truck, waved as he entered and said, "I saw what happened and I told him he should have let the lady through. That's rude."

I said, "Thanks," and drove out the other driveway past the man who was now pumping gas. He looked at me and I just smiled. The day was too nice to spoil it with rolling eyes, a big sigh and sticking my nose in the air.

But I really, really wanted to.

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