Monday, November 17, 2008

A weekend with RVing women

Last weekend, I was finally able to connect with my home chapter of the RVing Women. Our gathering was at an RV park five miles away as the crow flies from the state park where I camp host. Since my RV is not a crow and does not have pontoons, it was 20 miles away by road.

For those of you trying to decide whether to join this great organization, let me tell you a bit about the weekend.

Those who arrived on Friday afternoon and evening gathered at the clubhouse for "munchies" at 6. The Friday evening munchies are much more than chips and dips, although there was a nice selection of everything from guacamole to fruits, vegetables and cheeses. I brought garbanzo beans marinated in olive oil with blood oranges and Italian seasoning. The board provided the wine and sparkling cider. Later that evening, members gathered for cards and games.

Saturday morning is the famous biscuits and gravy breakfast provided by two members, and the rest of us brought supplemental breakfast items ranging from several kinds of scrambled eggs, potatoes, fresh fruit, rolls, bagels, breads and juice. Following breakfast was the annual meeting which was more fun than work. At 3, another member hosts everyone at her RV for root beer floats. Dinner was a potluck and I couldn't begin to tell you about all the different dishes we had to choose from. I brought low sodium red potato and roasted garlic soup with chunks of red potatoes. After dinner, the All-Girl Band entertained us. They encouraged us to taste the wine because, "The more you drink, the better we sound."

Sunday morning is the clean-out-the-fridge breakfast with more amazing dishes to choose from. This Sunday, however, was different. At 10, we held a memorial service to say good-by to one of our members who passed away last month after a three-year fight against colon cancer. It was a beautiful way to let her go with poems, readings, songs, and our bagpiper playing "Amazing Grace" and "Ode to Joy." After the service, we said good-by to each other until next month's weekend getaway and drove away.

This is typical of my local chapter's weekend activities. I also belong to the Solo Travelers and the Fulltimers. Most of our get-togethers are by Roadside Rendezvous. We contact each other by email, see who's in the area or close by, and agree to meet in that location at a date and time. There will be a sizable gathering in Quartzsite in January.

So if you think you might like to join RVing Women for friendship, fun and food, and wanted to know more, here is the information. We'd love to have you with us!

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