Friday, May 01, 2009

Beat the mouse

I have a mouse in my RV. Again. He's small, brown, very fast and clever.

I have headphones with small earbuds that I use when I watch DVDs or listen to music on my laptop. Occasionally, one of the foam covers will come off and I have to search for it. A couple of days ago, it was missing and I looked everywhere with no luck.

The next night as I was watching a DVD, I noticed a small brown blur running across the floor and making a sharp right behind the desk. Drat. As I peeked behind the desk, he ran next to the wall, across the driver's floor mat and disappeared behind the dashboard. Swell. Now I know what happened to the foam cover.

I have no mousetraps so I tried to think of a way to catch him. I do have super-sticky wide Velcro strips. I cut a six-inch section of each side, turned the sticky sides up, overlapped the fuzzy side slightly across the looped side, and pushed the looped side into the carpet to hold it in place. I took the remaining ear foam, pressed it open side up into the middle of the tape, filled it with peanut butter and pressed a small piece of Monterey jack cheese about two inches away.

The following morning, I found the ear foam empty, the peanut butter and cheese missing, and no mouse. My friend started laughing when I told her about my trap and I was a little miffed at her. She said, "I have a picture of this small mouse full of peanut butter and cheese shaking his leg trying to get the Velcro off." OK, it's funny. I picked up the useless trap.

My friend said if I had the mouse for a roommate, I would have to name him. His name is Beat. Since he does nothing around here, I was going to name him Deadbeat but he's not dead. Yet.

Yesterday, I hadn't seen him so I started the engine. If that didn't get him to leave, nothing would. I haven't seen him since but when I took out the coffee filters from the lower cabinet this morning, I found mouse poop in the filters. Gee thanks.

It's raining and I want him gone before he brings the rest of his family and friends inside. Tomorrow, I'm getting a couple of traps.


  1. Trapping the single mouse is just one part of the equation; unless you locate and "stop up" his access point(s), you can expect his many cousins as co-residents.

  2. Mouse stories make me LOL. I can't figure out why because I jump when they flash by and definitely don't want them in my living quarters. I have cats so very few mice reside with me for long.