Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Beat the mouse continued

The mouse has decided to stay. For those who suggested fabric softener sheets as a deterrent, they didn't work. My RV smells like laundry and the mouse just ran right over them as he dashed around the floor.

I pulled out the kitchen drawers revealing a large open space under the counter all the way to the exterior wall behind the sink. The most noxious chemical I have in the RV is Lysol, so I sprayed it liberally inside the opening. He was next to it this morning.

As I was working, he boldly ran out onto the carpet from under the shelf on the desk. As I stood up, he ran back under the shelf. I sat down. He came out. I didn't want to keep playing this game so I stood up again and stayed standing. He peeked, crept out again and dashed to the bedroom. Great: now I won't be able to sleep tonight.

The guys in maintenance are going to bring me a humane trap and that should take care of him before he brings additional family and friends to join him.

No traps in maintenance but Beat came running out of the bedroom and went under the desk again to hide. At least I'll be able to sleep.

I told my friend about the lack of mousetraps and he immediately found a company to ship a humane trap to me here. He reminded me to release my mouse companion to an area where he can hide and feel safe. At least I know what to bait the trap with: peanut butter and cheese.

Update: this morning at 5:40, I heard the plastic bag lining the paper garbage sack rattling and realized I had forgotten to hang the sack off the floor on the key hook. I turned on the kitchen light and expected the mouse to run out of the fallen bag. Somehow, he had found a way into the bag without knocking it over and must have been nibbling on the popcorn kernels I had dumped there last night. I picked up the bag by the handles, opened the door and threw the bag outside next to the trees. Plenty of places to hide and feel safe in the bushes. Now I wait to see if he was alone.


  1. If Beat comes back, borrow a cat :)

  2. There is another mouse here although I don't know if it's Beat. If I wasn't allergic to cats, I would certainly borrow one until my problem was solved. My friend is shipping a humane trap here and I hope my unwanted houseguest will be back in his natural environment very soon.

  3. My mother ALWAYS said that mice travel in 2's. You never have just one mouse. The mate is probably wondering where their wondering spouse got off

  4. If you just threw him from the RV, he can easily find his way back. Next time, take ten minutes or so to walk him to a completely different area. I had one hiding in my husband's slipper. It was completely terrorized by my wuss cats, who were standing around the slipper staring at it. I walked him a couple of blocks to a nice field, and told him Vaya con Dios. I had to leave the slipper there as he would not come out. He was gone when I went back about an hour later.

  5. This is just to funny...lololol
    I love your blog as we are full timers.

  6. Mice are cute.
    Mice are our animated friends.
    Uh, no. Mice will eat their way through electrical connections and cords faster than you can say turn signal. Or alternator. Or ignition switch.

    Peppermint is the answer. I have used it for years in my (father's) classic car. He taught me about mice long ago when one got into our Avion and created havoc.

    Peppermint leaves or oil (in film canisters) left near any spot w/ access to the outside will get rid of mice.

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  8. Oh no! I was told to put dryer sheets in my sailboat over the winter. I put them everywhere. I hope it worked, but if not, at least I am forewarned! Thanks for comical blog about not so funny problem. I'm hoping to buy an RV for towing by sailboat. Thinking of a Class B for ease of getting around. What do others think?