Monday, February 21, 2011

RVer Shirley Mendonca designs medical alert flag for use when traveling

Shirley Mendonca and her husband, Dave, travel a great deal in 39-foot their Holiday Rambler motorhome.

"We've been RVers for about 30 years," says Shirley. "My husband and I are members of a tractor club that puts on tractor pulls at various places. He does the announcing and I help with checking in all of the tractors and 4 x 4 pickups."

After Shirley had open-heart surgery, she was concerned about how Emergency Medical crews would be able to find her quickly if "we were camping out in the middle of nowhere."

Shirley says she did a lot research and couldn't find any medical alert flags anywhere. "So I made one."

After talking with a number of RVers, she thought others who had medical concerns might be interested and decided to make the flags available for $20 which includes a storage tube, ID label and shipping.

For information about how to order the flag go to, or contact Shirley by email at:

Photo: RVer Shirley Mendonca holds medical alert flag she designed for emergencies while on the road. (Dave Mendonca)
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  1. Why is it that everyone else seems to think of these obvious, yet wonderful ideas! Great idea Shirley!

    And, it's probably not a bad idea to have it at home too!

  2. At home, it's even better to have an emergency light. This light replaces your porch light bulb and when you switch it on, it acts just like that. However, switch it on, off, and on again and it blinks. When the emergency is over, just switch it off, wait a few seconds, then switch it on and it's back to being a porch light. So much easier to find you at night.

  3. Get a copyright and patent on that "right now." Then find a large "flag" company and work a deal for them to print and sell them and you get the royalties. Or if you have the money,start your own business.

  4. Fabulous idea! Between diabetes and dialysis, I just had to get one! Thank you so much. Hope the business does well. - Lisa

  5. Thank you so much for comments. I do indeed appreciate them.
    I have since spoke with some EMTs and they feel that the flag will certainly help their response time.
    I now have Paypal on my website which makes it so much easier for a person to order the flag.
    Save RVing :)