Monday, February 28, 2011

Young woman, suddenly homeless, talks about her new life and plans

An intelligent, well-spoken 24-year-old woman who suddenly found herself homeless after losing her job, decided to move into a small travel trailer she had recently inherited. She could not afford to stay in parking lots, so "moved" into a Wal-Mart parking lot where she is usually in the company of other RVers, some in similar circumstances. In this ten-minute interview she explains how she became homeless and what she is doing to get back on track.


  1. My advise to the young lady is to explore in more depth the full time RV lifestyle. Now that she has a job she can most likely get into an RV park if she feels the need for more security. If she likes the trailer and it is in decent shape she should discuss buying it from her sister. From the sounds of it the sister is in no hurry to get it and may not really want it at all.

    With today's job market being what it is a young single person would be wise to have the mobility of an RV. If you cannot find a job where you are at look at the opportunities elsewhere. Moving to a nearby town, or state, will not be an issue because you have your home, it is attached to your bumper.

    And this young lady is not "homeless", she has a home, the trailer. So she should get it out of her mind that she is homeless, she is not. I think that if she looked at it from the correct perspective she will find that she is much better off than if she was living in a cheap apartment. And she should ignore anyone who would look down their noses at her "home". The truth be told, they are most likely jealous of the freedom she has with her little house on wheels.

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  3. I agree with invmartyc. This lady is not truly homeless. A possibility that I think she should explore is working for an RV park at least part time to help pay for her site rental (called work camping or camp hosting). Since she has access to the Internet, she could easily learn of these opportunities. Also, volunteers at state and national parks usually get free camping.

  4. I really applaud this young lady. She's smart, brave and willing to do whatever it takes to make her life better. Also, the fact she didn't give up her dog really sends a loud message.