Friday, February 28, 2014

All-terrain Macabi skirt, great traveling gear for RVing women, including Sisters on the Fly

I first heard about this all-terrain Macabi Skirt from Sisters on the Fly founder Maurrie Sussman back in 2004. “Honey, not only do we wear those skirts fishing," she said, "we're also making a fashion statement.”

The Macabi Skirt -- billed as “the original Adventure Travel Skirt” can be worn in six different configurations and is suitable for hiking the trails of Big Bend National Park and fly fishing the rivers of Idaho.

"The Macabi has proven to be one of the most rugged, versatile, well-traveled garments on the planet."  Like Carol Louder, the designer of the Macabi Skirt, active outdoor women have found "a skirt that travels as well as they do," especially where there is very little storage space.

I purchased one because sometimes, especially when I'm RVing, I simply want to wear a skirt out to eat or to church, but know that  later that day, the skirt could quickly adapt to changes in "weather, activity or mood."  I might be climbing into a boat or touring an art exhibit. With the versatility of this skirt, I can quickly convert it into a pair of pants or shorts.

Now, more about Sisters on the Fly--Maurrie and her sister Becky Clarke started the "outdoors adventure club for women" in 1999. It has grown from three members, the two sisters and their Mom, Mazie, to nearly 4,500 worldwide.  Many of these women tow some really tricked out vintage travel trailers.

According to Maurrie, "We are committed to empowering women through sisterhood and exceptional outdoor adventures."

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Photo:  Carol Louder, the designer of the Macabi Skirt, named after the Mayan name for bone fish. (

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