Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Full-time RVer Lane Feicht a.k.a. mystery novelist 'Lane Stark'

Lane Feicht, a full-time RVer for three years with her husband, John, has published two novels under her maiden name, Lane Stark.

Lane describes herself as more a story-teller than simply a writer. She has traveled the world, lived abroad in both Europe and Asia, and experienced many cultures.

"RVing gives the writer special opportunities," says Lane. "I constantly see places that could be locales or people that would be great characters. My mystery, 'The Hour of Predators,' is set in Bella Coola, B.C., which we visited several years ago. I saw the town and immediately thought it would be perfect for a mystery. The story grew from the place."

When the Feichts retired, they rented their house, sold many belongings, and hit the road. "We’re both sufferers of itchy-feet syndrome. We’re at our best as humans and spouses when we’re on the move."

They were drawn to RVing because it satisfies their "desire to spend extended periods in wondrous locales with beautiful weather," says Lane. "We enjoy getting to know an area and its people in ways that are impossible living in hotels as tourists."

Finding a place to write while on the road has never been a problem for Lane. "I have the ability to tune out TVs, music, husbands, whatever noise threatens to intrude on the creative process. It’s a crucial ability when living in an RV."

Lane's advice to anyone who "has always had an article or book or simply words that want to be written in their hearts and minds--write it.

"If the words on the pages live up to expectations and publication is the goal, take the plunge and publish it on Amazon or submit it to agents," she said. "Send it out for review to book bloggers, get the opinions of people you respect and pay attention to them. If you’re told it’s not ready for prime time, start again. Keep trying. For me the writing itself is the joy. I’ve sold some books, not enough to pay the bills, but enough to satisfy a lifetime desire to have my writing read and appreciated."

When not on the road the Feichts live at their home base, Escapees Park of the Sierra in central California near Yosemite National Park.

The Hour of Predators (e-book and paperback on Amazon.com)

Book description: “It was the hour of prowling bears, circling nightowls, vengeful spirits, and savage hearts. It was the hour of predators.

"Two murders have shocked and divided the Canadian community of Bella Coola, a small, isolated village in a remote river valley on the coast of British Columbia. The evidence points to a teenaged Nuxalk boy, and the simmering tension between whites and tribe members heats up. To find the truth RCMP Inspector Marcus Chao must sort through misleading clues, cultural conflicts, tangled relationships, sexual scandals, and even indications that the crimes might have been committed by a sorcerer.

"Marcus is a man whose life has skidded into remorse and misery. His own infidelity has ended his marriage to the woman he still loves, and now he finds himself with only two things to keep his sinking spirits afloat: the need to serve justice and his eternal fascination with solving the mystery of the crime. This latest puzzle, however, is proving to be a maze of intrigue and suspense, and his mettle as a detective as well as his principles will be tested."

A Toll to the Devil (kindle edition click here)

Book Description: "On a chilly January night in 1962, two men stand on the roof of a hotel in Long Beach, California. Both know that every moment of their parallel lives has brought them to this meeting. Through his fifty years, a life that has spanned the Jazz Age, the Depression, and two world wars, Joe Knight has been dogged by the mysterious and violent presence of the man he now faces for a long-awaited showdown.

"'A Toll to the Devil' takes the reader on a breathless journey through American history as experienced by a professional trumpet player. From the raucous jazz clubs of Kansas City to the traveling shows of the Depression to the ballrooms of the Swing Era, Joe chases his dreams, runs from his demons, suffers great loss, and rises to the heights of fame and fortune, all the while seeking the truth of his life, a truth he will find on this January night."

URL: www.LaneStark.com

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