Monday, April 28, 2014

Twenty-eight-year-old Becky Schade talks about her full-time RV life

Meet solo full-timer RVer Becky Schade, who talks about her extensive planning to hit the road full time at the age of 28 and her life today in her 17-foot Casita travel trailer. She finds unique seasonal jobs around the country to earn her lifestyle, and keep life fun and adventurous. She also has advice for other women who might want to travel by RV full-time, but are hesitant to do it.


  1. Great story! Where can I read your blog? I assume you try and dry camp a lot.

    1. Here's the link to Becky's Blog:

    2. Thanks for responding Diane! And yes I do dry camp some, but I haven't done any true boondocking yet, still need to get the equipment. Mostly I take seasonal jobs that provide a RV site and reduced (or no) cost for now.