Monday, March 24, 2014

Safety tips for solo women RVers

Many women hesitate traveling solo because of safety concerns. One comprehensive source of information for solo Women RVers is "The Woman's Guide to Solo RVing" by Jaimie Hall Bruzenak and (the late) Alice Zyetz, (CD or e-book: $13.95)

As they did in their popular book, 'RV Traveling Tales: Women's Journeys on the Open Road,' and in Bruzenak's classic book on working on the road, 'Support Your RV Lifestyle,'

Bruzenak and Zyetz have incorporated the experiences of seasoned RVers, in this case solo women, into the book. Ten women are quoted in their own words, giving real-life advice on a range of topics critical to solo women travelers. If you are a woman thinking about full-time RVing, this is a must-read.

The authors list a number of safety tips for all RVers traveling alone:

Cell phone: Always have a fully-charged cell phone with you.

Driving: Keep your fuel tank at least half full. Stop well before dark and choose where you'll park for the night carefully if you do not stay in an RV park. If you park in a more remote area, check your cell phone signal.

Anticipate problems: Think about how you will get out of a location before you drive in. Think of how you could handle situations like someone following you or deliberately causing an accident.

Be cautious: Don't let people know you are traveling alone or tell them too much about yourself.

Travel plans: Someone, a relative or friend, should know your general travel plans. Check in with them on an agreed-upon schedule.

Travel with others: When you are getting started, travel with a group a few times to build confidence. (Check out RVing Women or Wondering Individuals Network.)

Carry ID: When you leave the rig, make sure you have identification and a card with your rig's location. Should you have an accident, the card could tell police where your RV is located.

Trust your instincts: If an area looks unsafe for any reason or there is any suspicious-looking person, do not stop or park overnight there.

Read more about Jaimie Hall Bruzenak on by clicking here.

Adrienne Kristine wrote many posts for this blog over a number of years when she was a full-timer RVer. One that still holds as true today as it did in 2008, centers around "That old fear factor."

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