Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Good Winter Reading

The weather is cold, dreary and you can't travel--in your RV. How about taking a mental vacation with a good winter read?

RV Traveling Tales is a collection of stories from 52 women RVers by Jaimie Hall and Alice Zyetz.

Also by Hall and Zyetz is The Woman's Guide to Solo RVing available as an eBook or on CD. If you're a solo woman RVer, you'll find some great information shared by other solo RVing women.

If you're seriously considering the full-time RVing lifestyle, you must have the bible of workamping: Support Your RV Lifestyle! by Jaimie Hall.

Shameless plug: to accompany the above, look for Frugal RVing or Pinching Pennies without Getting Bruised and Other Advice from the Road by Adrienne Kristine available as an eBook.

All books and eBooks are available at the RV Bookstore.

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